Sunday, September 8, 2013

"I Four"

Despite my best efforts, I cannot stop my kids from growing up. Logan has officially turned four. It just wouldn't be a birthday without a trip to Jungle Jim's.
Looking good!!

The Breakfast Club

Fall is upon us! And with it, fall brings Back to School. I have never met kids so excited to get back into the classroom.

Eesti-Mae is going into third grade. She is half way through elementary school! Before we know it she will be in Jr. High. (She already acts like it, that is for sure.) 

Gisele is sooooooo excited to be in kindergarten. She loved Challenger School, but now she feels like a big girl because she goes to school with Eesti. When we dropped her off, despite the fact that most of her classmates were in tears, she was all smiles and ready to go! 

Logan started preschool. Michelle and I feared the worst when we dropped him off, but he jumped right out of the car, said "Bye mom!" and disappeared into the building.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Independence Day

I am not a big parade guy. I think they are...well dumb. Michelle on the other hand, thinks parades are wonderful. That being said, this year for the Fourth, we went to the East Mill Creek parade. The only reason Michelle was able to talk me into going was because our little Gisele was part of it!  She was with her dance company, the Children's Ballet Theatre.
As far as parades go, even Michelle, who loves them, though this one was just bad. The parade did not allow floats, so it was just a bunch of people walking down the street. You couldn't tell who was supposed to be in the parade and who the spectators where. Needless to say, we will not be going back, unless Gisele is part of it again next year. The only bright spots were the motorcycle cops and of course Gisele.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lady of the Lake

The end of June was a whirlwind of swim meets for Eesti-Mae. She competed in the 50 Free, 50 Back, 50 Brest and 25 Free. She did GREAT!! Next we hope to get her in the Butterfly.

Lookin' good!!
The last few swim meets.
I couldn't be more proud of her!